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WAVE 5000 on iPad Pro

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WAVE 5000 on iPad ProWAVE 5000 Client on iPad Pro allowing for you to control and manage subscribers and communicate to your radio system.

WAVE is the industry's most powerful and flexible push-to-talk over broadband solution for secure, real-time collaboration on any device over any network in any location. WAVE transforms smartphones, tablets and PCs into team communication tools and integrates with land mobile radio (LMR) to provide unified voice, text messaging and presence in a single, easy-to-use application.

Carrier agnostic, use any 3G, 4G LTE, public WiFi or private data network connection
AES256 encryption of all communications
Group Calls for secure one-to-many communications
Private Calls for secure one-to-one communications
Group text messaging
User Presence & Location information
Capable of supporting hundreds of voice channels / talkgroups
Remote PTT accessories for most devices (wired headsets, badge microphones)
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