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Why choose Mototrbo E series radios with Subscriber Wi-Fi License

Why choose Mototrbo E series radios with Subscriber Wi-Fi License
The game changer is ‘Subscriber Wi-Fi’ in the new E series radios.
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Looking back: The Manchester Commonwealth Games Radio Solution

Looking back: The Manchester Commonwealth Games Radio Solution This article was written after the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002, and it depicts how we provided over 5000 radios in a multi-trunk solution, over numerous sites, to create a secure and reliable communications system for the events. Read on and learn how we approached a job of such size, and how it's still relevant today when supplying for big events.
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15 years, not out: The Longevity of Motorola equipment

15 years, not out: The Longevity of Motorola equipment 15 years, not out: The Longevity of Motorola equipment covers how reliable and useful Motorola equipment has been, outliving even some newer products...
The article also highlights some of the interesting work we do for our installation with various shopping centres in Birmingham.
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Now available: Motorola DP3661e

Now available: Motorola DP3661e Mike Weaver Communications is pleased to announce that now have one of the latest Motorola handheld radios available to order - the DP3661e. Some of our current customers have already integrated them into their current radio systems and we expect them to be very popular. 
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Capacity Plus at the National Theatre

Capacity Plus at the National Theatre Over the past few months, we have been installing a Capacity Plus system at the National Theatre in London. Despite an existing Linked Capacity Plus (LCP) system already in place, they were limited to 2 simultaneous conversations.

The idea was to bring all the repeaters together in a Capacity Plus system, giving 6 simultaneous calls at the outset, combine it all, and then distribute the signals through the venue using Heliax cable.
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Capacity Plus or Capacity Max?

Capacity Plus (or Linked Capacity Plus) is a good functional trunked radio system, but it has a few unfriendly features that Capacity Max can resolve for users.

Like Capacity Max, Capacity Plus lets you have more user groups - talkgroups (or to put it simply, channels) than frequency pairs, thus saving upon license and hardware costs, but it’s biggest shortcoming is when you want to direct dial or make one to one calls.

With Capacity Plus the call either goes direct to air – i.e. speech from the receiving radio, or it fails, there’s no warning about the call, and if the user is in an existing group call it fails. With Capacity Max, you can make the receiving radio ring like a cell phone, and you can decide if you want the call, as it displays the caller ID or radio name. Operationally this is a much-liked user friendly feature.

Amongst other features, you also get call queuing, caller priority, full end to end encryption of the calls, and the ability to "kill” lost or abused radios remotely, with other management facilities such as being able to disable a radios operation on a talkgroup without having to reprogram the radio. Emergency Calls will also terminate calls in progress if the system is fully loaded, ensuring that emergency calls get through.

On larger systems, Capacity Plus restricts you to 8 repeaters, Capacity Max allows 15 repeaters for voice per site – nearly double the capacity, without needing to run 2 radio systems for large events.

If you don’t want all the costs of Capacity Max, but are willing to spend a little more than the cost of Capacity Plus, you can operate Capacity Max in Site Trunking Mode, without the Capacity Max System Server (CMSS), System Advisor and the integrated RM2 Radio Programmer, which does take away advanced features such as Multisite capabilities, but the point is you retain the call ringing, creating a more user friendly version of Capacity Plus.

Read more about each system:
Contact us for further information and enquiries.

Mike Weaver Communications.

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Hiring online
  • When ordering radios, please tell us information such as hire start and end date, the location of where you will be using them, and the frequencies you require. Enter this in the 'Special Instructions' box in the checkout process.
  • As standard our radios come with our short-term hire frequencies; please consider purchasing an Ofcom Simplex or Duplex license from us, which will guarantee you interference-free communications.

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