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Clear-Com TW-12

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Clear-Com TW-12 The TW-12C is a transparent device that provides an electrically isolated interface between two intercom systems (ClearCom and RTS, for example). The interface consists of two identical 2-wire to 4-wire hybrid networks, with transformer isolation between them. This complete electrical isolation breaks ground loops that occur when two systems are run from separate power sources. The TW-12C hybrid provides a wide range of null adjustments, allowing it to adapt to many different line conditions. It can handle various line lengths and impedances.

The TW-12C is designed to connect the two intercom systems in a completely
transparent manner. Either "side” of the interface can connect to a Clear-Com intercom system or to an RTS intercom system, thereby providing these combinations: Clear-Com to Clear-Com, Clear-Com to RTS, RTS to RTS.

The TW-12C provides a pair of 3-pin, XLR connectors (one male, one female)
for each side of the interface.