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Capacity Max has arrived and you can hire it online!

Capacity Max has arrived and you can hire it online!"Motorola Capacity Max is the latest generation of trunked digital radio systems available, designed to be scalable and highly secure. With support for up to 15 sites, with up to 3,000 users per site, Capacity Max is a solution that easily allows you to grow and change your system as your needs evolve.

Coinciding with the launch of our brand new website, which allows you to hire Motorola two-way radios and systems, we are pleased to announce that our own Capacity Max system has arrived and is now available to hire! We are in fact the first reseller making this system available for hire and configurable online via a website.

We're using a 3 site Capacity Max system for Edinburgh's Hogmanay (an event which weve supplied to for the past 20+ years!) and heres some pictures of a demo system that we put together through the planning stages.

Capacity Max Demo system

The system consists of (see numbered image):

1: Laptop running Capacity Max System Advisor (allows for the monitoring of calls and sites, amongst other features).

2: SLR 5500 Digital Repeaters (in some systems they may be replaced with DR3000 repeaters).

3: Motorola DP4801 Digital Handheld Radios (A variant of the DP4800 with Bluetooth and GPS, any DP4800s hired for a Capacity Max system from us will be sent out as DP4801s for full functionality).

4: Capacity Max System Server.

5: Network Router and Network Switch.

Why should you get Capacity Max?
  •     Huge Capacity
  •     Incresed Coverage
  •     Enhanced Functionality
  •     High Security
Learn more about Capacity Max on our dedicated page here.

Ready to hire? The Capacity Max system can be configured here.
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