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Motorola WAVE 5000 is a solution for medium to large sized businesses that delivers instant and secure PTT (press to talk) communications across radios, broadband networks and smart devices. Designed to integrate with existing MOTOTRBO systems such as Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plusand now Motorola Capacity Max, WAVE 5000 keeps information flowing between those equipped with a MOTOTRBO radio and those using a smartphone or device.

WAVE 5000 is available on Android and iOS smartphones. It is also available as a client for desktop or laptop computers. Recently we have invested in iPad Pros for hire allowing for the WAVE Client to run on the tablets.

As well as extending connectivity to smart handheld devices, the WAVE server can be installed to deploy a broadband based PTT solution through a computer-based client.

WAVE 5000 can be integrated with the following Motorola systems:

"The WAVE Mobile Communicator application turns your smart device into a multi-channel PTT handset with enhanced functionality that includes Status, Presence, Mapping and Group Text." - Motorola Solutions

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  • Greater reach - WAVE 5000 allows for managers or off site workers to stay in their two-way communication system by using available IP networks, including 3G/4G and Wi-Fi.
  • Scalable capability - Each WAVE 5000 Server supports up to 500 users. In Linked Capacity Plus and Capacity Plus, up to 250 talk groups can be provisioned.
  • More choice - The integration of WAVE onto a smartphone means all your communications are on one device. As a manager, there is no longer a need to keep a radio with you.
  • Flexibility - Anytime, anywhere, functions such as connecting or disconnecting users can be used, allowing for the user to remain in control.
  • Call types - WAVE allows for connections to multiple talk groups and is capable of making private, group or multi-group calls.
  • Secure communications - All WAVE calls and data between the server and the mobile communicator are encrypted with AES-256 bit, allowing for peace over mind over confidentiality and security.

    Download the full WAVE 3000 fact sheet.

WAVE mobile systems overview.