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Why choose Mototrbo E series radios with Subscriber Wi-Fi License

Why choose Mototrbo E series radios with Subscriber Wi-Fi License

We program and reprogram a great deal of hire radios in our workshop, and the traditional process involves attaching a programming lead to a radio and sending the files to update the radio. This process has become a great deal faster using Motorola’s RM2 programming system, which means that radios automatically program when connected, but it still involves attaching and removing a cable. So in practical terms each radio probably takes a minute to program, and you can only do one at a time.

The game changer is ‘Subscriber Wi-Fi’ in the new E series radios.

Once configured you can program 15 radios at once, without attaching a lead.

Here’s a screenshot of the Remote Device Monitor (a part of RM2).

Wireless radio programming

This shows 6 radios DP3441e and DP4801e being programmed simultaneously. As you can see the radios don’t reveal much of what is happening, but you hear just a few small bleeps from the DP3441e’s and bleeps and a display message or two from the DP4801e radios.

DP4801e Wi-Fi update

It’s a faster operation than USB2 - there is no programming leads involved. It’s also hugely faster than OTAP (Over The Air Programming) which works via a radio channel on an operational system.

I cannot wait to try a firmware upgrade in these radios – it’s a process we normally hate at work as it is lengthy and time consuming, especially with so many handsets and it usually needs doing twice a year as Motorola release firmware upgrades. Inevitably this process is staggered as we never have all of our radios back at any one time!

The time savings in our workshop has justified us investing in a very large fleet of Motorola’s new DP3661e radio with subscriber Wi-Fi licences, and has made us to decide than any radios that we now purchase for the hire fleet must have Wi-Fi capability going forward.

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