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Ruckus 7962 Indoor Access Point

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Ruckus 7962 Indoor Access PointZoneFlex 7962 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Dual Band Access Point.

The Ruckus ZoneFlex 7962, the industry’s top performing dual-
band 802.11n access point with adaptive antenna technology, delivers ultra-high speed, reliable and longest-range connectivity within challenging RF environments. The ZoneFlex 7962 is based on adaptive antenna technology that extends signal range two to four times while minimizing packet loss by constantly routing Wi-Fi transmissions over the highest performing signal paths.

The world’s only enterprise-class AP that concurrently supports Automatic Interference Mitigation (AIM), spatial multiplexing and adaptive antenna technology, the ZoneFlex 7962 delivers the industry’s most solid 802.11n performance at range. Because the ZoneFlex 7962 is able to constantly find the best RF paths for each packet, once deployed, enterprises never have to worry about constant site surveys as the environment changes.