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Ofcom PMSE license Simplex (48 hour)

(Code: OFC1a)
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Ofcom PMSE license Simplex (48 hour)This license is for Simplex use. Simplex is a back-to-back radio channel.

In the U.K we always ship equipment with a full set of UHF Short Term Hire channels to ensure that the equipment is legal to operate. However, in built up areas you may wish to consider purchasing an Ofcom Program Making and Special Event Channels (PMSE) license. These are charged for in 48-hour time periods. If you require more than two days of transmission on the private license, please increase the quantity. (e.g. 2 licenses = 96 hours/4 days).

Please add the related item 'Hire Information' to your basket tell us which days of your hire that you want the license to be valid for.