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Capacity Max System (DR3000 Repeater)

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Capacity Max  System (DR3000 Repeater)
  • Capacity Max  System (DR3000 Repeater)
  • Capacity Max  System (DR3000 Repeater)
The Motorola Capacity Max system is DMR Tier III and is made up of the following:
  • Digital Radios
  • Capacity Max Licensed Repeaters (minimum 1 per site)
  • CMSS (Capacity Max System Server) (required)
  • System Advisor
  • RM2 Programmer System
  • Site Connectivity Module (1 required per site)
  • Antenna combining (1 per 4 repeaters)
  • Optional accessories
  • Optional desktop PSU for Mobile Radios
  • Standard Installation Costs*
  • Network Switch (1 required per site)
  • Network Router (1 required per site)
What makes up this item cost is:
  • Digital DR3000/SLR5500 Capacity Max Repeaters (if you require more than one repeater, please increase the quantity of this item)
Please add the desired quantities from the related items below.

Please note that these prices do not include networking provision on the site(s), which must be preconfigured to Motorola's specification by the customer's I.T supplier.

*Standard installation costs are quoted at a price within 100 miles of Birmingham or London.