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What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We accept most major credit and debit cards. Our online payments are processed by SAGE Pay.
  • We can also take payment via PayPal.
  • Additionally, we can invoice for orders. This is for account customers only. If you do not already have an account set up we can arrange this subject to satisfactory references and credit checks. 
  • Existing customers can use the website to order equipment but pay on their normal account terms. Where website prices are hire than normal, for existing customers we will reflect their normal costs at time of invoicing and we will set you up with a website login and password.

Contact us about this.

Can I change an order prior to completion?

Prior to an order being dispatched, it can be changed. This may however delay shipment. Please call us on 024 7660 2605 as soon as you can to notify us of the changes required.

How can I configure a radio system?

Radio systems can be complex to configure, and many options and accessories are incompatible with each other. Please rest assured that if you do select incompatible options, we will talk to you and resolve the issues before we ship the equipment, it is in our interests to ensure that we deliver a fully working system. See the following guide for further information about selecting a system.

Radio configuration guide

If you have any queries about selecting the right equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will more more than happy to help.

How do I calculate the hire period?

If you require the radios for Monday morning, for use until Friday night, we will deliver the Friday before and collect on the Monday after without charging extra. On a similar basis, we much prefer to deliver a day early, without additional hire charges to ensure that you have the equipment that you require in time for your event.

How far will walkie talkies cover?

Walkie Talkies normally have a range that is best considered line of sight, if you have a large area to cover, or an indoor space with different rooms, you may need repeaters (which can be booked on the web-shop with your radios) or other technical help, so again please ask on 024 7660 2605 or via

How many channels will my hire equipment have?

The radios are normally dispatched with 16 Short Term Hire channels under our STH Licence. If you get interference on one channel, simply change to another channel. Interference can manifest itself as strange voices, intermittent transmissions or reduced range. This is normally more likely to occur in major cities or at large public events where there is other radio use. To prevent this, it is possible to hire a private frequency license with your order. Please see 'I need private channels for my event, what do I do?'.

How reliable is our Courier Service?

Generally very good, 99% of our deliveries arrive on time, but please remember that couriers are funny animals, if a delivery is difficult, they may not deliver, so please do not ask for deliveries to be made to large fields or events where there are large number of people, or at strange times. Saturday deliveries are particularly difficult and troublesome. Please make arrangements for them to be delivered to your hotel, or better still to your offices an extra day before - we will not charge additional hire for this (see hire duration) as we would much prefer you to get your equipment in good time.

I am having difficulty with the hire equipment, what do I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible, we cannot help or rectify matters if we are unaware of it. All hire equipment ships with an "out of hours" contact telephone number if help is needed.

I can't find a product on the website, what do I do?

Head over to the 'Contact Us' page and fill in the form with your query and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can call our office on 024 7660 2605.

I have very specific requirements for my radio system, how can I ensure it will be complete?

Our website lists hire items priced for 1 week. If you require a longer period, please get in touch with us to discuss this. The same goes for hires that are extensive in terms of equipment or bespoke requirements. We recommend that you get in touch to dicuss these and make sure everything is correct, and we may be able to advise you on your configuration.

Call us on 024 7660 2605 or email

I need private channels for my event, what do I do?

If it is critical that you have one or more private channels, please consider the option given of paying for private event licences - these cover 48 hour periods, and need not be for the entire duration of the hire. They will be programmed into the first and subsequent channels unless you specify otherwise. If it is not to be used for the entire hire period please let us know which days you wish the special license to operate on. You can buy this license on our webshop, by selecting the Ofcom license.

I want to hire equipment for long periods, what do I do?

The web site details hire charges for 1 week. Discounts for longer hire periods and large quantities are available so please enquire by calling 024 7660 2605 or email

I want to use the equipment outdoors, is it waterproof?

Radios and ancillary equipment are water resistant and should cope with light showers, however they are NOT waterproof, if you are using them where they may get submerged in water please ask about 'Aquabags' for the radios. Contact us here.

If I am an existing Customer, what do I do?

Existing account customers who wish to pay on invoice at their normal terms may apply for a username and password to be set up. Although the web site prices may be different, existing customers will have any normal discounts applied at the time of invoicing.

If I need to make a complaint, what is the procedure?

Although the majority of our orders process perfectly, we are only human and we accept that sometimes issues arise which gives you cause to complain. Whether it be a delayed order, an issue with the delivery company or a faulty item, we try to ensure that any issues are dealt with promptly.

Telephone: 024 7660 2605

Out of hours contact:

For emergencies only, not for enquiries about products!

Telephone: 08700 723467

If I order a "timed delivery" when will it arrive?

If you order with before 9.00 AM delivery please ensure that someone is at the delivery address constantly from 7.00 AM, and for a before 12.00 PM delivery, from 9.00 AM. We will not be responsible if you cannot take delivery, or it is refused.

What delivery options are available?

We use a courier company, TNT, to ensure delivery next working day and covered for insurance purposes. This gives us the ability to track your order online. Some deliveries will be via our own van.

What do I do if my delivery does not arrive?

If your delivery is expected, and someone else is waiting for it, please check that it has arrived, and if not let us know in good time, before both us and the couriers have gone home for the night. This hopefully gives us time to rectify matters. You can contact us here.

What happens if I am late returning the hire equipment?

Late return of hire equipment will be charged for at the contractual rate, but we will consider waiving this charge if there are extenuating circumstances.

What happens if I lose or damage hire equipment?

As the hirer you are responsible for ALL loss and damage. If equipment is not returned we will allow 7 days for you to locate missing items, and then invoice you for the loss or damage. Please note that hire charges continue until the lost or damaged equipment is paid for, but we will normally waive this cost if prompt settlement is made.

What happens if I send someone else's hire equipment back instead of yours?

Please ensure that you return our equipment, and not someone else's, it is not unknown for batteries and accessories to get swapped over between suppliers. In such case the swapped items will be deemed to be lost and you will be charged.

When will my order be delivered?

This depends upon the item you ordered and the delivery option selected. Hire items are all ex-stock, and unless otherwise specified will be delivered on the dates that you request. We will endeavour to deliver next day providing your order arrives early enough to enable us to meet our courier deadlines. If there is a shipment problem we will always try to contact you. Please do not order a substantial quantity of radio equipment 30 minutes before our courier company call to collect at 4pm, we may not have time to prepare and check the equipment, if you have a very last minute request please telephone us on 024 7660 2605 beforehand to check that we can deliver, even if we need to arrange a same day courier.